Money Masquerade



I have given my political soap box a rest, but I simply cannot stay down for long. Neither should you. Oh wait a wild monkey minute, it’s Friday. Can you hear the band warming up? I hear a lot of clanging cymbals, tooting horns, and even some banging drums. There must be a masquerade party in town… Wanna come?





As we walk, let’s talk, shall we? We are spendthrift people, I mean we’ve gotta be in this blasted economy. I reckon a lot of us track our money on spreadsheets and jot expenditures down in checkbook registers. Perhaps we all have categories something like this:












Uh, wait a minute there Darlene. What’s up with that last category? I’m a Believer. I don’t partake in such things. And I surely wouldn’t admit to it on spreadsheet if I did. That last category has gotta be a mistake. You done gone and messed up, girl.


You are right, absolutely, one hundred percent correct. It is not right. So, what are we gonna do about it?


Beginning this week, regulators are soliciting suggestions from the public on how best to implement their anti-conscience mandate, a move that affords the administration the appearance of openness and progress, while in reality changing nothing. The administration still refuses to step down from their original demand that all religious organizations provide contraceptive, abortifacient and sterilization coverage “free” of charge-even if this goes against the consciences of the organization’s people. This comment period is essentially asking how you’d like your conscience violated.

The fact is a solution to the conflict has already been found. Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebr.) has a bipartisan bill in the House that if passed would restore rights of conscience back to their pre-mandate levels. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is only pretending to hear suggestions rather than actually listening to solutions.

Join us in submitting a comment to the Obama administration with the message (suggested text below*) that you are tired of fake accommodations and ploys and demand real religious liberty protections. Submitting a comment will also signal to Congress and the media that you stand firmly on the side of religious freedom.


Tony Perkins

 (FRCAction: The Legislative Action Arm of Family Research Council)
Land sakes friends, this is serious business. I, for one, am a bit wigged out about the day I stand before the Lord and explain how I used, misused, or neglected the gifts He gave me. Our money is His money. When shall we take a stand? I reckon we ought to do it now, before it’s too late. Before someone pulls a nasty clown mask down so far over your face that ya can’t see where you are going.
Of course, the greatest cost to Americans will be in human life, since the law now makes taxpayers unwilling accomplices in the abortion of millions of unborn children. As long as ObamaCare is celebrating birthdays, plenty of innocent babies won’t. Under rules just finalized by the Department of Health and Human Services, anyone enrolled with an insurance company that covers abortion will be reaching into their own pockets to help pay for it.
(Tony Perkins of Family Research Council article: Obamacare in Two Deep)
* the “text below” can be found when you click that linky-doo-hicky
Yes, it’s politics, but the Truth shall always reign.
Let’s help  the lawmakers get a little wet
at their own masquerade party
shall we?

3 thoughts on “Money Masquerade”

  1. Well when you add it as a budget category like that, then it really wakes me up. I’m pretty careful about my budget.

    I would be ignorant without people like you. Thanks.

  2. Honey, I often say that in our present country and the global stretch… especially since we hear so much in seconds … that we now are Sodom and Gomorrah world-wide and sooner or later the explosion has to hit. Omaha’s city council approved of what they thought would be just allowing all people to apply for jobs, no matter what they were… it particularly dealt with the gays and all the various connections to it. That puts us on the next aspect leading to same-sex marriage, etc. AND one of the councilmen, who we’ve talked to about this, voted for it and is a Christian. He simply doesn’t understand the consequences. So, even though I should possibly be a kinder-focused person, I see so much of the mess that can hit our path… ALL of our paths … because sin has become stronger and stronger. Abortion and all those other issues are becoming too popular world-wide. Hang in there, Kid. Your generation is going to have to be the fighter.

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