5 Benefits of Using Kitchen Chimney At Home

There are many types of appliances that are now ubiquitous in modern kitchens. One of the major kitchen appliances among them is kitchen chimney. Electrically operated kitchen chimneys, also known as baffle chimneys, are widely used in kitchens all over the world.

There are multiple benefits associated with kitchen chimneys, which make them one of the highly preferred kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Chimney

The top 5 benefits of a kitchen chimney have been listed here.

1. Protection against excessive heat

Excessive heat is produced during the cooking process. The intense heat makes it difficult to cook properly and is also harmful to health. The kitchen chimney is placed directly over the cooktop. It has an in-built blower, which sucks in excessive heat emanating from the cooktop, thereby maintaining the kitchen environment at the correct temperature. The chimney eliminates excessive heat within seconds.

2. Protects tiles and walls of the kitchen

The smoke and fumes generated during the cooking process adhere to the expensive tiles made of granite, stone, or other materials, which make them sticky and discolored. Kitchen walls also become blackened over a period of time. A new kitchen starts looking old and shabby in the absence of a kitchen chimney due to smokes and fumes. A kitchen chimney uses suction power to instantly suck in smoke and fumes during the cooking process, thereby preventing smoke from harming the tiles and walls of the kitchen. Kitchen chimneys come with different suction pressure ratings, which indicate their effectiveness. Cleaning the chimney’s filter after every 25-30 days is necessary to maintain its suction capacity.

3. Eliminates smell

The smell of the ingredients and raw products waft throughout the house during the cooking process. The odor becomes irritating for the inhabitants of the house. A kitchen chimney solves this problem by removing the vapors using suction. Since the vapors are sucked inside the chimney, the cooking smell does not spread throughout the house. All one needs to do is push a button to get rid of the smell.

4. Cleanses the air and protects against dirt

The kitchen chimney removes heavy gases, oil, carbon, smoke, and other types of pollutants from the air. Thus, it keeps the kitchen environment clean and safe. In the absence of a kitchen chimney, the air gets suffocating due to such elements in the kitchen air. A kitchen chimney eliminates this problem as well. Smoke and oil deposit in the kitchen as dirt. Thus, a kitchen chimney also keeps the kitchen free of dirt by eliminating smoke and oil. This is the reason why a kitchen equipped with a chimney is always spick and span.

5. Improves the aesthetics of the kitchen

The kitchen chimneys come in a plethora of eye-catching designs and colors. Thus, adding a kitchen chimney serves to improve the overall look of the kitchen drastically. The sleek and classy appearance of the kitchen chimney transforms a plain kitchen to a modern kitchen. A wide variety of colors mean that one can pick up a suitable color to match the kitchen.