Are Car Battery Testers Accurate?

In the beginning, most cars were least dependent on the battery, but today, most cars are dependent on the battery for various extensive functions. This makes a battery tester an essential part of your tool box. This device comes designed in such a way that it could help the user to keep track of battery condition.

In the recent years, the accuracy of a battery tester is one of the things most people are concerned about. The accuracy of a car battery tester could differ based on several factors. Here is everything you need to know.

A car battery tester is not a simple tool, the accuracy exhibited by it depends entirely on several features.

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  • Brand 

Yes, the brand is very important. You might feel that the brand that manufactures and markets car battery tester is irrelevant, this is not true. As the demand for car battery testers has increased in the past few years, the number of products available has increased, this includes, cheap and reputed products. The brand is the only factor that could distinguish them. Reputed brands consider manufacturing and marketing car battery testers that are precise and they offer maximum consistency quality.

  • Model 

If you are concerned about the accuracy of a car battery tester then you should know that the accuracy would depend on not only the brand but also the model. Even under the same brand, there are several models, each model might offer different accuracy. If you consider purchasing a car battery tester with maximum customer reviews and reputation, then the accuracy offered could be very high.

  • The person using it 

Apart from brand and model, you must know that however efficient the tool, the accuracy depends on the person using it. Different car battery testers would be designed in different ways. Some of them could be easy to use and some of them complicated. However, no matter what the level of usage, if the user does not use it as the manufacturer specifies. Then, the accuracy of the reading could differ, this is true. Most of the customers who have already used different car battery testers have testified to this factor.

Now, you know about the accuracy of the car battery tester, however, there is something you need to know.

The accuracy and precision of a car battery test would be efficient based on the type of testing it employs. There are commonly three types of testing methods,

  1. DC load methods
  2. AC conductance method
  3. Multi-frequency electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

In these methods, the DC method is the oldest and reliable. However, multi-frequency electro chemical impedance spectroscopy is the most complicated, efficient, and accurate one. But, EIS car battery testers are not easy to use and they are comparatively expensive and rare.

Therefore, the accuracy of the car battery tester depends entirely on the device you use and the method it employs.