Backpack or Handbag or Duffel Bag: Which is better?

Whatever kind of trip it is, having a super-amazing travel bag will always enhance the joy of the trip. Depending on the comfort level of people, various brands manufacture different kinds of bags. Not everyone in this world has similar choices! Therefore, it is necessary to have varieties in the travel backpacks too. It helps to make your journey secure, easy, and exciting too. The three most typical types of travel bags are backpacks, handbags, and duffel bag. We are going to discuss each one of them in brief.

Starting with the fundamental introduction, we will proceed to the features, pros, and cons of these bags. Have a look at the points mentioned below to know more about them:


  1. What is a backpack?

The backpacks are the most widespread ones. These bags commonly have two straps that fit on your shoulder while carrying it. It can have additional straps for safety purposes. Here are some pros and cons of the same:


  • They are easy to carry & do not interfere with your trip enthusiasm.
  • These bags will boost up your confidence as they look smart and feel even smarter. You will have more possibility of making new friends.
  • These bags are ideal for solo trips.
  • Division in different compartments helps you to sort things readily.
  • These bags come in an affordable price range.


  • It somehow lacks proper security.
  • These are less stretchable than few other bags.
  1. What is a handbag?

A handbag is more like a tote bag that you carry by gripping in your hands. These are usually smaller in contrast to the other two bags.


  • Selecting an appropriate size will give you enough room for keeping things.
  • They have more stylish and fashionable looks.
  • Easier to carry and keep along with you in-flight/train.
  • These are the most affordable ones.
  • A good quality handbag is durable enough.


  • Lack of security and safety locks.
  • Your hands can develop rash or pain if holding for too long.
  • Cannot suffice all the things for a long journey.
  1. What is a duffel bag?

A good duffel bag, also known as a kit bag is made of a canvas fabric with drawstring or grips. It was conventionally used by army personnel. Later the innovations in the bag lead to widespread use in the local community.


  • These bags are roomy and extremely accommodative.
  • You can readily pack your items in a hassle-free manner.
  • It has a more flexible fabric than other bags.
  • A variety of design and color options are available.


  • These are quite difficult to carry all day long.
  • Do not have a proper security system.
  • Do not have appropriate small and large compartments.
  • Therefore, it is quite challenging to arrange your valuables.

We have cited all the necessary points. The decision of picking a better one entirely relies on you and your necessities. Have proper look at all the points to decide an ideal bag for you. Thank you!