Can you lose weight with a manual treadmill?

The treadmill is a popular exercise machine. They are not only versatile but also very beneficial to lose weight. The workout session is fun and easy on the treadmill. It is one of the most effortless ways to be fit and reduce weight. You can watch TV and hear music when running on the treadmill. By a regular fitness routine, you can effectively reduce weight. Let us see the ways to lose belly fat on a treadmill.

The important to reduce belly fat on treadmill

Intense workout with intervals Belly fat is very hard to reduce. To reduce it you need to do an intense workout on the manual treadmill machine. The intense treadmill run is required to reduce tough belly fat. Know your limits before doing the intense running. If you are running 10 mins intensely, then take a 5-minute break to cool down. An intense workout can easily exhaust your energy so regain the energy by taking compulsory breaks in between. This way, you can work out for more time and effectively reduce the belly fat. Intense exercise can amazingly burn out tough belly fats. If you feel breathless, then immediately take a break in between.

  1. Identifying the fat-burning point

The fat-burning point differs based on the age, weight and body structure of the individuals. When you identify your fat-burning point, it is easy to lose belly fat. To find this point calculate the per-minute calorie burning on the treadmill. You can wear a fitness watch to calculate your heart and calorie weight. During the first time set the treadmill at high speed and note down the heart rate and calorie burning rate. After identifying your fat-burning point, you can follow the running same speed and time at every session.

  1. Try different workouts 

Another great strategy to lose belly fat is to try out different workout methods. When running on a treadmill, split your workout session into three modes. The three modes are low, medium and high speed running. Change the mode randomly to reduce the belly fat. Also, avoid doing vigorous exercise as it can cut down the total workout time. Make the workout session fun by trying different types of running. You can jog, walk and run on the treadmill to prevent boredom.

  1. Make it challenging 

Ensure your everyday treadmill workout is very challenging. Challenging your self every day can result in effective weight loss results. Walk briskly to reduce the belly fat. When running on a treadmill, you should feel that your fat is burning slowly. To make the treadmill run challenging, you can walk 5 min to warm up and increase and decrease running speed continuously. Make sure that you try something different every day. Also, have patience because it takes time to reduce belly fat. Therefore, challenge yourself every day to never lose interest.


A treadmill not only reduces your belly fat, but it can also help you to learn fitness value. Treadmill running can reduce blood sugar, improve memory, strengthen joints, increase energy, reduces stress and anxiety. So, experience all these benefits by running on a treadmill.