Casual Shoes vs. Formal Shoes: Pros and Cons

Men do not have to do plenty of things to switch from a casual to a formal look. Just remove your blazer and change the shoes. That’s it! You have achieved the look of your choice. Men’s clothing and accessories have always been so convenient. Shoes play an influential role in deciding the look of a character. Though the fashion industry has developed a lot in the past 10 years; but, men still can’t decide among formal and casual shoes.

Have you ever wondered about what kind of shoe should you tune with your attire? If you recently find it difficult to choose among a formal and a casual shoe, let us look at a few points related to them:

Casual shoes vs. Formal shoes: Pros and Cons

Formal shoe

Men wear formal shoes during office work or any other formal gatherings/events. These shoes give you an extremely classy look. You will not find very exciting vibrant colors in these shoes as they are meant for convenience purposes only. Before proceeding to the other points, let us look at the pros and cons of this kind of shoes:


  • You will find extremely luxurious color options in the formal shoes. Some of them are black, white, chestnut, burgundy, brown, and oxblood. These colors do not only define richness; but, they have other significance also.
  • Wearing shoes with formal and classic colors is also known to keep your concentration intact in work. You might have never seen executive office workers in vibrant colored shoes. It is to keep you from getting distracted while working. Therefore, it helps you to boost up your focus on work.
  • If you manage to find a good quality leather shoe, it can last for years and years. We recommend you to go for full grain or top grain leather. Corrected grain leather is the lowest quality leather. Make sure to avoid it for better performance.
  • You will find many exciting designs such as plain toe, medallion, cap toe, half brogue cap toe, quarter brogue cap toe, full brogue, and longwing brogue.


  • You cannot combine it with a casual attire.
  • These shoes do not have eye catchy colors.
  • The starting price is higher in contrast to casual shoes.
  • These are less comfortable than the casual shoes.

Casual shoe

Casual shoes have the following attributes:


You will get tons of designs such as sneakers, athletic shoes, and lace-up casual shoes. You can readily choose anyone out of them.

  • These shoes have a low starting price and range up to very high prices. The choice is yours.
  • Good Casual shoes are more breathable and comfortable to wear all day long.
  • These shoes have more moisture-wicking power in contrast to formal shoes.
  • You will get a variety of colors ranging from the simple classic ones to designer vibrant ones.
  • They have a more versatile use. You can use them during an evening walk, sports, and any other recreational activity.
  • Easier to wash and maintain.


  • It accumulates dirt more readily.
  • These shoes are poor in retaining original shapes, especially canvas.
  • Does not match with a ball party/office meeting outfits.

That was all about the pros and cons of formal and casual shoes. Thank you!