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Learning to Look

I want to remember to let myself be intoxicated in the present -the here and now- so I can see the beauty right in front of me. . But I’m learning to look out the windows, to talk to my seat mates, to stop and […]

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m (and) e

I secure a page between the roller, the holder (behind the keys) and plunk m and e. There I  be typed –  cast upon canvas, vast white. Of all the passers-by, only two, maybe three (weigh the interruption) pause, linger here with the m and e. […]


And He With Me

Handle my broken? You’re kidding, right? I’ll sweep, gentle-like, sharp shards of glass; replace with glue, a mug’s cracked handle; tape a page, nearly tore in two — but staunch the wounds of my own heart? It’s not possible, plausible, sensible that I’m worth any […]


Warrior – CountryGirl Style

I oscillate between showing the soft side and the gritty bit of country living — between showing who others expect me to be and who I am in the deep-downs where my very soul lives — between showing strength of self and my reliance on God. And then there’s […]

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Isaiah – Passover haikus

For the past several weeks I’ve been deep in the Bible’s first prophet book of Isaiah. In studying the Good Word, I’ve employed many different techniques over the years, but this is the first time I’ve summarized my daily readings via haiku format. Each word is chosen […]


The Devil Walks In Mattingly – book review

Billy Coffey’s newest book, “The Devil Walks in Mattingly” released about a month ago. It’s his fourth book, following on the heels of “Snow Day,” “Paper Angels,” and “When Mockingbirds Sing”—all of which are set in the small-town of Mattingly, Virginia.   I was a […]

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  Just pray, please, for the family and friends of those who perished, as well as for those who have been unaccounted for, in the recent Oso, WA mudslide. The devastation is alarming and the loss is incomprehensible, even so, God is in it. Someday […]

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A Heathen, I Asked

      In the elementary lunch line I overheard friends who said: No meat, please. No, I cannot have the chili. And yet another: No, no, sweets, please. My family said decline the cinnamon roll. One more: The cheese? Oh, how I want it, […]



It’s been a couple of weeks by now, when I stopped by TweetSpeak for my daily taste of all things poetical. Their monthly Poetry Classroom was in session. Uh-oh. I stood at the back of the room, peering in. Everybody else knew things. Deep things. […]

When the night

When the night

When the night is dark and the path, cold and lonely – know daughter of Mine that I am here. . When the world is wonky and tipped on its side – know daughter of Mine that I am here. .   When the way […]

followed him

followed him

My family has endured a sadness so great that I have just few words to explain the loss we feel today, the day after our 10-year old son’s 6-year old colt had to be put down. This horse was born at our place very, very […]