Do’s and Don’ts in the Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are used to stitch garments and make creativity to the fabric. Only mastered or qualified people can work on the sewing machine. Beginners need to have training on how to use the machine and stitching. However, the operators must understand and be aware of some general practices. To feel a smooth experience while sewing, an operator must know the few do’s and don’t’s.


These are the instructions that you can do while sewing:

Finger guard

For safety sewing, use finger guards or thimbles. It protects your finger from accidentally hitting the needle.

Care on accessories

Keep the accessories box carefully because there are chances to lose the accessories.

Sit properly

Sit in proper form while operating the sewing machine. Sewing for a long time can cause neck or back pain.

Examine the power cord

The power cord must be strong to supply the electricity. Damaged or broken cords might get you in trouble. Also, unplug the machine after every use.

Keep the area clean

Clean the sewing area if using a light color cloth. Always keep the sewing area clean and maintain it well.

Thread tension

Check the thread tension in the bobbin. You can check it by hanging the bobbin in mid-air.


These are the instruction which you need to be careful about doing:

No to cheap quality

Do not buy a cheap, quality sewing machine. It can cause problems when the machine is used continuously. Opt for a quality machine with the warranty period.


Do not sew under dim light. It causes damage to the eyes and irritation of the work. Ensure to have proper light while you are operating the machine.


Do not clean the machine while it is on or operating. Unplug the sewing machine to clean. Do not wash your sewing machine with water as it will get rusted.


Do not place the needle on your mouth and try to start the work. Sometimes, it might hurt you.

Apart from the above points, the following are the instructions for the operator:

  • Check the needle before you use it every time.
  • Do not place your hand or finger around the needle.
  • Do not use any broken needles.
  • Ensure that the screws are tightened properly after the maintenance.
  • Ensure to do proper bobbin winding.
  • Insert the needle as per the instruction. Do not follow any shortcuts.
  • Always use the correct feed dog to have a proper finish.
  • Understand the working principle of the machine to fix the minor issues.
  • Do the general maintenance by applying oil to the machine for the longer use.
  • Working under a dull or shadow place makes you compromise on your quality of work and health.
  • Ensure to have spacing on your left side of the machine for easier handling.
  • Ensure to sit on the right height to the machine.
  • Do not put your foot on the foot pedal when not in use.

The sewing machine helps to stitch the cloths and design accordingly. For the beginners, there are general instructions that they need to follow. Once they understand the working principle of the sewing machine in india, they get expertized on operating.