Dubai Maritime City welcomes Greece Ambassador

As a step towards building the relations between UAE and Greece, the Greek Ambassador, Mr. Dionyssios Zois arrived in UAE on 26 February 2017. He was greeted by Mr. Ali Al Suwaidi, the General Manager of Dubai Maritime City. This visit was aimed towards developing new ideas and identifying new investment opportunities.

With Dubai Maritime City outlining its vision to become one of the dedicated hubs for maritime business and trade activities, it was touted that many nations would come forth to join hands with Dubai. Greece took note of the recent developments around the maritime sector and stretched their hands to join the mission.

A delegation meeting was conducted between the two parties where Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim, Director of Dubai Maritime City property management Dept. presented the vision, outline, and mission of the city. The meeting focused on the facilities and the vast potential of local and global trade activities that can be built through this maritime city. It also discussed in length the strategic locations and the prospective business partnerships that can be generated from it. The meeting also looked into the ways that the city can become an attractive proposition for future investments and maritime operations.

It was the involvement of a few esteemed like Mr. Tahir Lakhani, the Owner and Managing Director of DTA Ship Agency, and Mr. Trevor Pereira, the Managing Director of Maritime Standard which led to the successful organization and conduct of the meeting.

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani