Guide to buy a towel warmer

Towel warmer or towel radiator is an appliance consisting of rails which dry damp towels by heating them. Apart from towels, the appliance can also be used for drying bathrobes, swimsuits and other damp pieces of clothing. Towel warmers also provide supplemental heat inside the bathroom. Apart from bathrooms, towel warmers are also widely installed in laundry rooms and pool areas. Essentially, a towel warmer ensures that you get access to warm and dry towels or clothes immediately after stepping out of the shower or after a swim in the pool.

These are some important points about top rated towel warmers which help in buying the best one as per your individual needs.


A Towel warmer can be either by Hydronic or Electrical. In the case of the hydronic model, the rails are heated by circulating warm water through them. This means the warmer needs to be attached to a hot water plumbing system. Thus, this type of towel warmer is recommended only if you are already using a hydronic radiator and do not need to install a new hot water plumbing system.

Electric towel warmer uses an electric heating element to warm its rails. The electric towel warmer can either be a freestanding model with an electric cable which plugs into an electrical outlet or needs to be hardwired into the electrical circuit of the place. Plug-in models are very convenient to install since all you need to do is put the plug in the socket. However, if you want a neat and clean appearance with no wire visible, then the hardwired model is the best for you. But installing such a model requires the services of a qualified electrician to connect it properly with the junction box.


Towel warmer can either be freestanding or floor or wall-mounted. Hydronic towel warmers need to be connected to the plumbing. Hence they can either be floor or wall-mounted. Wall-mounted models are suited for small spaces because they do not occupy floor space but blend in well with the room. Freestanding models, on the other hand, can be moved easily from one place to another, which makes them suitable for people looking for flexibility.


The heat produced by a Towel warmer is given in British Thermal Unit. BTU rating of a towel warmer indicates the amount of heat it produces in an hour. The BTU rating suitable for you depends upon the type of room where you intend to place the warmer and the room’s dimensions.


Towel warmers come in traditional, ladder and creative styles. Traditional styles have bars at the top and sides, which gives a classic touch to the room. Ladder style consists of rungs like a conventional ladder on which the towels are hung to warm. Creative styles come in a plethora of shapes and colours, which make them stand out in the room.


Towel warmers having programmable thermostat or Wi-Fi switches are also available. Such towel warmers switch on and off automatically. Many models of towel warmers can also be programmed to switch on automatically at any particular time.