How do I choose a stick blender?

Having a stick blender can make your life much more convenient than you can ever think. You will not need to do all those time taking preparation setup that a tasty meal requires. Immersing a stick blender in a bowl full of ingredients will do superb work. A stick blender will offer you various benefits over a countertop blender. These are convenient to clean and store. Also, it is one of the most budget-friendly option to make your food more appealing, tasty, and full of nutrition.

 People who have previously used the hand blender could readily identify the pros and cons of a stick blender. However, if you are new to it, it can be quite tricky for a person like you. If you are someone who has landed up to this page in search of how to choose a perfect stick blender, we are not going to disappoint you. You will be fully prepared to buy a new stick blender at the end of the article:

  1. Lightweight:

A stick blender should be lightweight and manageable. The primary reason for buying a stick blender is to avoid the mismanagement, unlike the large blenders. Therefore, having a lightweight blender offers the customers ease of handling without any restriction. A good quality stick blender will weigh somewhat around 0.8 to 1.5 kg.

  1. Convenient to use:

The convenience of use refers to how readily a new customer can use the tool without much problem. It should have proper grips on the handle. The indicator lights will help to check the status of the appliance. Also, the right length will allow you to use it for several amount of meals. In no way, a new customer should feel tough to use the stick blender.

  1. Versatile:

One can test the versatility of a stick blender by using it for different kinds of ingredients. If your stick blender offers you to use it for various food preparation, that is indeed the right selection. Also, it should be hassle-free to clean and maintain. If your stick blender has an ice crushing feature, it is quite versatile.

  1. Compact & easy to store:

You can store them in a small space like a drawer or shelf. You will not need a separate corner for a stick blender in your kitchen. Thus, it is an ideal tool for people living in a constricted area. If you want to make your kitchen look roomy with all the facilities, go for mini tools like a stick blender.

  1. Motor & speed:

Hand blenders with a powerful motor will function better than the dull ones. It indicates the strength and functionality of a stick blender. Go for a stick blender that has a motor of 250 to 500 watts for a better performance. Also, make sure to check the availability of at least 5-speed controls for a better blending experience.

  1. Warranty:

Kitchen tools are frequently used. Therefore, they are more prone to damage. Having a proper warranty time will offer you more flexibility with the appliance.


We hope that you will look for the following features in a stick blender. All the best!