How to Choose a Double Door Refrigerator

The refrigerator is a very important household device. Nowadays, there are many types of the refrigerator with various options. The most challenging task is to choose the most appropriate one. One such task is choosing the best double door refrigerator. The following are the key features in determining the same:


A good double door fridge has a huge capacity of accommodating nearly 250 to 600 liters. This can help serve almost 4 to 9 members accordingly.


There are a variety of technologies used to maintain temperature. Some of them are:

Uniform cooling

It cools all the parts of the fridge to ensure free airflow in all sections. This guarantees a bacteria-free environment.

Digital inverter technology

The compressor will adjust the temperature according to the amount of load in the refrigerator.

One hour icing technology

It works to bring down the temperature for about -50 degrees Celsius within 60 minutes.

Intelligent sensors

There are sensors placed on the surface of the refrigerator, which can sense and change the temperature accordingly

Power consumption

  • Despite the advanced technology that doesn’t make us feel worried about power consumption, it is essential to make sure that the power consumed is low because the refrigerator keeps working 24*7.
  • The average power consumed by such a double door refrigerator varies between 190 and 250 units.
  • Some refrigerators might devour more than 400+ units.

Types of freezer

The options of the freezer along with the regular doors keeps varying such as

  • Ice tray/ Twist ice maker
  • Number of shelves for storing items
  • Number of side racks


The average cost of a double door refrigerator varies from Rs 19,000 to 65,000. Some refrigerators can cost more, offering very advanced technologies.

Warranty and services

The minimum warranty of any double door refrigerator is one year for the product and 10 years for the compressor.

Smart technologies

Apart from all the above mentioned basic options, some of the welcoming features are:

  • Eco friendly nature that will not deplete the ozone layer
  • Toughened glass shelves which can withstand heavyweights
  • Inbuilt stabilizer helps in controlling the voltage fluctuations.
  • Chilling gel effect aids in maintaining the freezer cool during power cuts to keep the food fresh
  • Child lock stops the children from consuming junk snacks from the fridge, thereby ensuring their health.
  • Microblock technology prevents the growth of almost 99% of bacteria inside the refrigerator.
  • Honeycomb design monitors the level of moisture and humidity for enduring freshness.
  • Inbuilt-defrost system in the double door refrigerator helps in defrosting the ice automatically.
  • BEE stars and reviews
  • Apart from technology, the reviews from the users play a major role because it helps to determine the suitability and comfort zone.
  • Reviews of people who had brought the product already via online stores can help in analyzing the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Refrigerators above 3 BEE stars are considered to be good and long-lasting.


The refrigerator that contains a maximum of all the above-mentioned features is the best option. Also, it should fit our budget and needs.