How To Choose The Right Intimate Wash

Choosing a correct intimate wash is just like finding a shell in an enormous sea. Intimate washes are in quite hype nowadays. Most of the women want to try it for the sake of keeping the trend going. It is why most of them end up buying the wrong product. A wrong intimate wash can cause more problems than not washing the vagina adequately.

Here is a little piece of advice for all the women out there- your vaginal health is extremely crucial; it can determine or affect the health of your entire body. Several vaginal washes are available in the market. Going to buy a vaginal wash without proper knowledge about it will create more confusion. Therefore, it would be wiser if you have scarce information about the vaginal washes.

Here are a few points to look before buying an intimate wash

Right Intimate Wash

  • Say no to the scented ones

The main concern of using a vaginal wash is to keep your vaginal area clean or fresh. Using a scented feminine wash is useless as it is usually covered. Scented washes are usually enriched with harmful chemicals that assign a particular fragrance to that wash. These chemicals can disturb the natural pH and flora of your vagina. If you still want to go for it, make sure to pick a mildly scented wash.

  • Make sure it is free from harsh chemicals

The first indication to look for a chemical-free wash is to check the smell of it. The second indication is to check the ingredients list mentioned at the back of the bottle. Make sure to choose a feminine wash that is free from sulfates and paraben.

  • Pick an oil or glycerin-based wash:

Oil or glycerin-based feminine washes are free from harsh chemicals. Glycerin is a powerful moisturizer and also helps to control the amount of bacterial activity. A healthy vagina should never be dry. Therefore, glycerin-based vaginal wash will help to maintain the normal moist atmosphere of the vagina.

  • Look for capric glycerides and lactic acid:

Capric glycerides are the derivative of glycerin. Thus, these agents help to enhance the moisture content of the vagina, keeping it under normal limits. While the lactic acid helps to maintain the acidic pH of the vagina to sustain the growth of healthy bacteria, and flush out the harmful microbes.

  • Check if any soothing agent is added or not:

Vaginal washes usually contain ingredients that can make the vagina dry. The dryness can give rise to itching and inflammation. Gynecologists recommend picking vaginal washes that contain soothing agents like aloe vera, tea tree oil, rose water, and hazel extracts. It helps to counteract the dryness and itching; this will keep the vagina healthy.

  • If you have PID/UTI, consult the doctor first:

If you already have conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or sexually transmitted disease (STD), make sure to consult a doctor before using any vaginal wash. If proper instructions are not followed, it can worsen the condition and symptoms.

That was all about the guide to select an ideal vaginal wash. Thanks for reading!