How To ChooseThe Right Basketball Socks

Practising basketball, joining the big league, and establishing a name for oneself is what you would aim for when you know that you have been blessed with the skill to play basketball. Becoming a champion player entails a lot of things such as caring for your body, working out, regular and rigorous practise sessions, and much more.

However, not many people who want to grow big in the sport are aware of the importance of choosing best-fitting socks for playing basketball.

Basketball Socks

Guide to choosing the right socks

The sock features that you should consider as a basketball player looking for the best socks that can help you improve your performance. The features that you should consider include

Length and height– A basketball socks should essentially be over-the-calf length socks and must provide ample protection for the ankles.

Thickness– Since basketball is a game that involves a lot of activity which includes running, jumping, cutting, and sprinting. All these activities would exert considerable strain on the muscles and tendons. The basketball socks should be thick enough to lend the extras support that would be required during these activities. You also have basketball socks that feature pads in specific areas that would serve the purpose as well.

Color– This is a matter of players’ preference or the code laid down by the team for which they are playing. Generally, you have socks in white, black, and grey or bright hues. However, the color of socks does not matter much unless you are too involved about showing off your sense of style and personal preference.

Awareness of Special socks– This refers to the socks with compression fit feature the compression fit socks are tighter than the standard socks, and they feature a reinforced weave in the arc of the foot. The socks are believed to improve blood circulation as well.

Right cushioning– The extra cushioning factor can be helpful for you to play long and hard. You can access socks with padding in the ball and the heel. This would make it comfortable to wear, and it would be less painful when you land during the progress of the game.

Right fit- you might wonder what the right fit would be as far as a sock is concerned. However, since basketball is a game that is played intensely and involves movement of the body swiftly and at different angles, the risk of foot injury must be minimized. A sock that fits snugly yet stretches well without sagging or hanging is what is referred to as right fit. Apart from the features, a thick sock is also the best choice.

Right fabric– Choosing a sock of the right fabric would ensure that there is no build-up of fungi or bacteria that might develop because they get soaked with sweat. Socks that wick moisture away or socks with easy dry technology should be your choice.

Right basketball socks should be bought after giving due consideration to the above-mentioned features that can make you feel comfortable even when you are engaged in an intense basketball game. Choose carefully and improve the standard of your game without injuring yourself.