How to Make a Clothes Drying Rack

Making a Clothes Drying Rack is an easy process, and you can do it on your own. This way, you won’t have to invest extra money on them. Some people are also not able to find ready-made Clothes Drying Rack in the market, so we are going to help each one of you.

Below we have three ways in which you can make your own Clothes Drying Rack. Let us discuss them –

Clothes Drying Racks

  1. Make the Rack using Poles and Ropes

Try fixing two poles in your backyard, having at least 5 feet of distance in between. Make sure they are well fixed and do not move. As you are done fixing them, you can also secure them in the ground using cement. This way, they will be more stable. Now you have to drill some holes in both the poles. Make sure that the holes are equidistant. Now is the time to take out strong nylon ropes. As you would have guessed already, you are now supposed to pass the ropes through the holes and tie them as tightly as possible. You have made your own drying rack for clothes, but remember that you won’t be able to place it somewhere else as it would be permanently fixed.

  1. Making a Clothes Drying Rack using Plumbing Pipes

You can also make a Clothes Drying Rack using narrow and hollow PVC pipes that are often used for plumbing. However, for this, you will need to cut the pipes precisely and accurately; otherwise, the Clothes Drying Rack will look lopsided and also fail to stand. You can look for many designs of these racks on the internet. However, in all those designs, you have to cut the pipes and join their ends with the help of bent attachments to help in the process. You can also decide the number of levels you want to create according to the number of clothes you wash per day. The hollow attachments that you are supposed to get include both T and L shaped attachments.

  1. Clothes Drying Rack made using Wood

People use Oakwood for making racks like this. You have to cut equal-sized wood pieces and place them together in the form of a Clothes Drying Rack. However, to secure the pieces in place, you will have to do some drilling. The basic frame design of such Clothes Drying Rack can be taken out from the web. Make sure you secure the pieces well using tight screws, bolts, and nuts. Additionally, you will also have to round all the edges; otherwise, there will be chances of getting your clothes torn. So, make sure you also have sandpaper with you as it will help smooth out those edges in the best way.

The frame designs of each of these three versions of Clothes Drying Rack depend on your usage and requirement. We will ask you to look deep into the web for that one particular Clothes Drying Rack design that you find to be the most utilitarian for you.