How to Use Mosquito Killer Machines Properly?

Sleep is highly essential for both mental and physical health. People have sleep disturbances due to many personal problems. Amid those reasons, Mosquitoes can be terrible. Yes, they are irritating for their buzzing sounds and painful stings. They transfer diseases like malaria, dengue which can be fatal.

This article speaks about various types of mosquito killer machines available at the market and effective ways of using them. Mosquito killer machines come in various sizes and shapes.

How to use mosquito killer machines properly?

Mosquito killer machines – for commercial purpose

The heavy, rectangular machines are used in commercial areas. They are larger and thus can cover a larger area like supermarkets, restaurants, and wedding halls. Moreover, they are connected to an electrical source to operate. They are generally placed on the floor or hung underneath an awning.

The bulk, rectangular machines are usually being used for commercial purposes. They are larger and thus are effective in a larger area (around 3000 sq. feet) like supermarkets, restaurants, and wedding halls. The mechanism is the same- the UV fluorescent lights attract the winged insects. The high voltage mesh is put up close to the UV bulbs. Flies that come in contact with this mesh get electrocuted and die.

How to use it wisely?

  • The machine works better when installed at 2 feet high from the ground as the mosquitoes lose the capacity to fly higher as they grew fatter.
  • It is better to place the device in a dark room with less or no wind.
  • Install the machine closer to the breeding areas like stagnant water; lawn prevents the mosquitoes from setting foot into the living area.

Mosquito killer lamps

  • These are well suited for homes, areas that are not more than 300 sq. feet. The device uses UV light to attract the flies and mosquitoes.
  • The UV lights are fixed on the roof of the device. A high suction fan is employed beneath the UV light- that is right in the centre of the body. The fan sucks the mosquitoes that come closer to the light. Then, the insects get trapped into the compartment where they do not find any way to escape and die due to suffocation.
  • The device comes with a USB port and can be plugged to any charger adapter. The device also acts as a night lamp.

How to use it wisely?

  • The machine has to be placed in a dark room or space so that the UV light is visible for the insects.
  • The device consumes less power. It can be the power it using a phone charger or computer, make sure to place it 3 feet high from the ground.
  • The killing process takes longer in this device as the device does not kill the mosquitoes; they are just trapped.


Though the mosquito repellent creams, plants are available in the market, they haven’t proved to work as efficient as mosquito killer machines. The creams might be allergic to people with sensitive skin and can cause skin problems. Some might not like the odours emitted by the mosquito repellent oils. It is always better to use best-suited mosquito killer machines to stay away from mosquito bites.