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Darlene’s Countrified Clothesline Advice

Dear Sophisticated Darlene, I’ve been reading your site for eons, okay, really, just for two days, but I’m super duper impressed with your wide array of sophisticated knowledge. I hope, hope, hope that you will pull my question from your frilly, ribbon-ensconced, satin-lined hatbox to […]

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Lines ‘n Racks

laundry laundry laundry on the line of summer’s breeze or winter’s wind. on the rack – draped just so, usually next to the wood cookstove. heaps stacks and baskets. before washing, it’s just piles of stink sweat, dirt, spills and other assorted humanly (or canine) ills, but […]

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Take Your Poet To Work – reporter on the scene

NEWSFLASH: There have been reports of multiple paper pocket poet peoples popping up all over the place. All over the workplace to be exact. For up-to-date information, we turn the newscast over to our country bumpkin affiliate’s self-proclaimed rough ‘n tough ruralite reporter. Forget Johnnyon Thespot, your […]


Dawn Pulls

  while dew-hugged grass glistens, morning watches dawn pull on her golden dress glittering bits nudge nests, awaken birds to harmonize gentle in song damp laundry dangles heavy from the line dawn cracks herself wide, long “Embrace me!” “Embrace me!” morning answers, flinging words over his back “Catch me!” “Catch me!” she […]


Dependence Day (no typo)

Happy 4th of July! . On America’s Independence Day, let us celebrate our nation’s independence (from a tyrannical rule) AND her dependence (on a sovereign God). . . red: blood shed by Christ for our sins-n-salvation blood shed for our country’s freedom white: righteousness by God, for God […]

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m (and) e

I secure a page between the roller, the holder (behind the keys) and plunk m and e. There I  be typed –  cast upon canvas, vast white. Of all the passers-by, only two, maybe three (weigh the interruption) pause, linger here with the m and e. […]


(We’ve Got) Dog Daze of June

I’ve got your back, little buddy. You’ve got my hairy belly, turned wrong-side up when I’m looking for a scratch. I’ve got your friendship, little buddy. You’ve got my pillow beside your bed, a hug, a walk, a ball-toss. I’ve got your heart, little buddy. And  you’ve […]

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(a note from my pup) Dog Daze of June

Dear Darlene, Oh, lady, thanks for choosing me when I scampered my clumsy shadow-tripping way onto your lap as you knelt in the newspaper covered kennel, the one that reeked of assorted puppy stuff, but you and those two fellers with ya, ignored the aroma, petted my head, […]


(Farting) Dog Daze of June

I cannot remember the older, larger dog’s history of why he was at the pound, but that’s where we got him some 7 years ago. He was older than a tiny pup at 4 months old, but immediately he belonged to my then 4-year-old son. And the […]

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(Profs, Pups & Pedigrees) Dog Daze of June

One summer, a simple country girl and a simple country feller cut the apron stings and united in the mayhem of marriage, err, I mean holy matrimony. They moved, unpacked, and mastered their culinary Top Ramen skills — all in the midst of their newfound collegiate adulthood where they gained higher […]