Tips for Diapering a Newborn Baby

People say that it is a highly challenging task to be a parent. You can never feel the pain and pleasure of being a parent unless you don’t experience it on your own. Along with securing your job, creating space for yourself and your loved ones, the most valuable part remains taking care of the baby. Newborn babies do not have voluntary control over their bladder and bowel movement. Diapers do a lot of work in that matter.

You cannot leave a single diaper for the entire day. It needs to be changed frequently to avoid genital, skin, and urinary infections. New parents might experience a lot of problems in the initial days. If you don’t learn the right way to diaper a newborn, it could be a troublesome task. We are here to help you with the diapering of a newborn baby. We assure you that after reading the whole article, you’ll be an expert in this field. Here are some essential tips on how to diaper a baby

Diapering a Newborn Baby

1. Maintain your hand hygiene

Babies have incredibly sensitive skin; they are not used to harsh touch. Therefore, always make sure to clean your hands with soap and water thoroughly before touching a newborn. It is also essential to wash your hands after changing the diaper. If you don’t include hand hygiene in your diapering routine, it can cause infections to both you and your little one.

2. Assemble all the required things

Assembling all the things required for the diapering process will decrease your pressure while doing the task. Make sure that you have the following things near you:

  1. Warm water to clean the baby’s bottom.
  2. Cotton to dip in water & clean the baby gently.
  3. Baby wipes in case you are not using the first two things.
  4. Laying a sheet under the baby helps to keep the surrounding clean.
  5. Diapers (most obvious requirement)
  6. Diaper lotion to prevent diaper induced rash.
  7. Fasteners- in case you are using a cloth/ reusable diaper.

3. Laying the baby down

Spread a soft and clean sheet wherever you desire to change the baby’s diaper. Make sure that the surface where you are placing baby is smooth and even (lack of this can injure the baby’s skin). Place the baby on that surface and always keep holding the baby from one hand. Babies tend to move a lot from side to side; make sure to fasten the safety straps and arrange some toys. The toys help to keep the baby busy playing; meanwhile, you can easily change the diaper without any interruption.

4. Wiping thoroughly & gently

Wipe the baby’s bottom gently with warm water or baby wipes. Make sure to choose a suitable (alcohol/chemical-free) baby wipe to prevent rashes. Always keep in mind to wipe the baby from front to back. It helps to prevent the spread of infection from the anus to the genitourinary tract.

5. Put on the diaper

After wiping the baby’s bottom, gently slide the diaper onto their buttocks by lifting their leg. Make sure that the bottom region is dry after wiping. Most diapers have colorful marks indicating the front and backside of the diaper. Make sure to use the fasteners in case you are using a cloth diaper. Secure the diaper properly, and your baby is all set to rock!

We hope this was helpful to you all. Thank-you!