Water Purifiers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Most of the water supply that comes to us is contaminated and it is not safe to drink such water without purifying. Water purifiers help to filter out chemical contaminants like mercury & chlorine, bacteria, virus, sediments, and particles. Once water is purified, it is safe to drink the water free from all these contaminants. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of Water purifiers.


Below are some of the advantages of using water purifiers at your home.

  • Protection: The main goal of the water purifier is to remove unwanted contaminants from the drinking water. Almost 90% of the water in the world has some kind of microorganisms or contaminants making them dangerous to consume and cause diseases like vomiting, diarrhea, etc., Water purifier effectively removes contaminants, chemical substances, toxic metals like lead, copper, microorganisms and gives you pure water that is good for your health.
  • Environment Friendly: In order to get pure drinking water, one option is to purchase bottled water. One of the advantages of bottled water is that they are packed in plastic bottles and too much plastic is not good for the environment. When you opt for water purifiers, there is no more option for plastic and you get pure drinking water directly from the purifier.
  • Cost: Some people purchase bottled water to be safe and the regular purchase of these bottles is costly. However, if you invest in a good water purifier just once, you get the purified, safe drinking water as much as you want. So, a one-time investment in these water purifiers saves you a lot.
  • Taste: When the contaminants, impurities, and microorganisms are filtered out through the water purifiers, you will get clean drinking water which tastes better and sweeter.This way, you will be able to drink water without hesitation.

Note: Always choose good and trusted brand water purifier below 15000 budget for better result.


There are a few disadvantages of using water purifiers. Let us see them:

  • Pesticides remain:We never know what water consists of. It might have the dreadful pesticides mixed in it. Even though water purifiers are good at filtering out harmful contaminants like microorganisms or other chemical contaminants. No doubt they are good at filtering out heavy metals. However, pesticides are mixed in water and thorough filtration of these harmful pesticides through water purifiers is not yet proved. As a result, drinking water may have pesticides though it got filtered. This may result in long-term diseases like cancer.
  • Maintenance: Water purifiers require a lot of maintenance. They need to be properly checked and cleaned frequently. They also need to be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer. Not doing so, may result in the purified water being more dangerous than the normal water.
  • Miss to replace: When the water purifier is not anymore effective it needs to be replaced. Often times, people tend to forget the dates or simply forget to replace these purifiers. This happens more when the purifiers do not have indicators.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using water purifiers. Go through them and be safe while drinking water.