What is the Best Way to Learn to Play the Guitar?

If you have the passion and interest, then you can easily learn to play the guitar. There are thousands of ways to learn guitar. Some say that for proper learning, you may need to hire an instructor. But this is not true because many self-taught individuals have become expert musicians. Now, let us see some of the best ways to learn a guitar on your own.

Select the right guitar If you still don’t have a guitar then first buy a good quality instrument for fast learning. Your first guitar may have a huge impact on your fingers. Electric guitars are perfect for beginners as they are easy to operate. However, most learners also get the acoustic guitar to play any music.


  • Use the internet 

There is much information available online on “How to play the guitar”. Through online videos, you can learn the basics of fingering and chords. However, when learning from online, avoid skipping videos because this can distract you. So, it is better to take up an online course to learn the basics. Additionally, you cannot just learn the fingering by seeing video as muscle practice is necessary. With only 20 min of training every day you can learn the basics in just one month.

  • Hold on to the basics. 

Many love to play a song in guitar to impress their friends and family. With focus and practice, you can surely learn this instrument. However, there is no short cut to learn it. Therefore, learn the basics deep and well. By learning the chord pattern, you can easily play songs in a guitar. Also, learning the chords is much easier than learning the notes. After knowing 3 to 4 chords, you can start playing songs within just one week of practice.

  • Feel the rhythm

Playing music is not just brain activity. To play the guitar, you may need to feel the rhythm of the brain, heart and the fingers. More importantly, learn the fingering well to learn the instrument quickly. Spend at least 15 minutes for finger practice. This finger practice helps you to discipline your mind. This way, you can focus and feel the music.

  • Proceed to the next step 

Learn new songs or chords every day. When learning an instrument, the most important step is to proceed to the next level. Sticking to the same song or chords will not develop your skills. If you are playing a song from the top, then do not start from the beginning if you stumble in the middle. When doing this, you will only relearn stuff. Ensure that every day you learn a bit more extra.

  • Choose a good environment to practice. 

Focus more on the feel of the music. Make learning a guitar a part of your life. Make it interesting and enjoy the practice session. For this, you may need to choose a perfect spot. Practice in the backyard, terrace, near the window or on any other place you love. This way, you can develop interest and enjoy playing the guitar.


Learning a guitar is easy when you find harmony between your mind, heart and finger. Follow the steps to quickly and easily learn a guitar.