What should I look for when buying a ceiling fan?

The significance of ceilings fans is more understandable in the summer days. Not every family can afford to buy an air conditioner to get rid of the scorching heat. Instead of air conditioners, ceiling fans can be your choice, and that will be beneficial for you too. If budget is your problem, then getting a ceiling will be the best solution. Also, a stylish ceiling fan will enhance the visual value of the room interior. The advantages of ceiling fans are vivid and numerous.

Purchasing a suitable ceiling fan in India won’t be an effortless job for you, though. Established and reputed brands have already launched a lot of models with a lot of different specifications. The variety of specifications will surely confuse you while choosing the right fan for your room. So, here are some of the factors for your assistance while picking up the right ceiling fan.

What should you notice while buying a ceiling fan? 


You are supposed to prefer a fan that suits your room size. If you’re buying the fan to install in a large room, then a small-sized fan will not be the one. On the other hand, owning a little room and buying a large-sized fan to install there is foolishness too. Keep it in mind that picking up a suitable fan will increase the decorative feature of your room. Therefore, choose a ceiling fan that is the perfect fit for your room size.

Number of blades 

It depends upon you how many blades you want in your fan. The more number of blades the fan will have, the better the air circulation it will provide. Generally, some fans have 3 blades while the other fans include 4 blades. The fans with less number of blades won’t be able to circulate the air all around your room like the other ones. Also, these fans are not good enough to install in large rooms.

Where you are installing it

You have to decide where you are going to install the fan. Because there are various models for different locations. The fan that you have installed in your bedroom is not the one to install in your garage. For every other place, there are different ceiling fans to install. So, decide at first and then pick up the ceiling fan accordingly.


The motor is the part of the fan that drives the functions of the fan. So, it’s equally essential to check the motor before paying for the fan. You need to check how efficient the motor is in producing energy to run the fan. Also, check if the motor gets overheated after a few minutes of usage. Also, you have to enquire if the parts of the motor are readily available or not. Because if it gets damaged, repairing would be impossible without the proper parts.


Before you go to the market, check your pocket first. You have to set a specific budget that you can spend on the fan. Do online in-depth research and come across numerous models that fit in your budget. The price range of ceiling fans vary from low to high. So make your budget and get the affordable one.

These are the points and factors that you are not supposed to miss to check. Checking these points will also ensure that you get the desired fan. Have a great ceiling fan buying experience.