Why Do the Users Refrain from Replacing Gas stove with Cooktops?

Induction cooktops have become popular among kitchen appliances over the last few years. But the big question is if the cooktops have been able to grab the place of conventional gasstove. According to the later surveys and trends, the answer is no. The induction cooktops are managing to grab the market gradually with a large number of happy customers. But, most of the families are still not convinced to replace their gas stove with an induction cooktop. Of course, certain reasons influence the users to keep on with their conventional gas stove.

Let’s discover the reasons behind the inadequate popularity and user-base of the induction cooktops. But before that, you have to know in detail about the functions of an induction cooktop.

What is an induction cooktop?

When it comes to the induction cooktops, these are way different from conventional gasstove. The induction cooktops are the devices with glass-topped surfaces. These cooktops require no interaction with fire or matches. You have to connect the device with the plug and turn it on. After that, you are supposed to put the cooking vessel on the glass surface. When you connect with plug point, an electromagnetic field gets formed underneath the glass surface. That electromagnetic field transforms electricity into heat and helps cooking the foods.

Why the users refrain from buying induction cooktops?

The induction cooktops can bring many advantages to you. These are able to cook food faster than the gas stove and can save up the expenses of fuel too. But still, most of the users don’t find it comfortable to have an induction cooktop in the kitchen. The reasons behind that are underneath.


The price ranges always matter for users. The popularity of any product somewhere depends upon the price range. The induction cooktops are more expensive than the conventional gas stove firstly. But the main thing is that you have to buy a whole set of utensils with the cooktop. You can’t use regular utensils for cooking food when you’re cooking in an induction cooktop. Including the price of the cooktop and all the utensils, the amount becomes pretty high. Most of the families don’t agree to spend that much amount; rather, they prefer to keep the conventional gas stove.


As the induction cooktops are electronic appliances, these require proper maintenance. If a cooktop gets damaged, you will have to bear the repairing cost. And for your information, that cost is also pretty higher. An induction cooktop can save up your expenses for the fuel. But it can also make the electricity bill to increase up to some extent.


You can’t use an induction cooktop as easy as a conventional gas stove. While cooking in an induction cooktop, you have to control the device manually. Many people are not that much tech-savvy to control the cooktops. That’s also the main reason for what a large number of users don’t buy induction cooktops.

These are the main reasons behind the inadequate popularity of induction cooktops among users. If you can deal with all the consequences, you can buy an induction cooktop for cooking purposes.