What Do You See When You Look Up?

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Two nights ago I ran outside to watch God paint the horizon as He set the sun over the hill. At first I focused on the beautiful display of orange peeking through the dark gray, then I looked up. What I initially saw were some wispy, delicate clouds. And then I watched a form take shape out of the clouds and it took my breath away…
What do you see when you look up? Do you dwell on how small you are or do you focus on how mighty our Lord is?
“Blessed be your glorious name, 
exalted above all blessing and praise!
You’re the one, God, you alone; 
You made the heavens, 


the heavens of heavens, and all angels; 
The earth and everything on it, 
the seas and everything in them; 
You keep them all alive; 


heaven’s angels worship you!”
~ Nehemiah 9:5-6

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