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I have a new favorite book for raw food recipes…“Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People” by Jennifer Cornbleet. What I love about this book is that she uses simple ingredients found in your local grocery/health food store and that she uses basic kitchen equipment (blender & food processor). The book has chapters devoted to the basics of raw food eating, kitchen set-up, a glossary, and resources. Also, the recipes are nicely divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner categories.

I love this book! Finally I found a raw food recipe book that is simple! You can also visit Ms. Cornbleet’s website at for a sampling of the recipes, photos and lots more info. I have put a link to her site and the data about her book in the sidebar to the right –>

Let me give you a hint on a fabulous dessert…Flourless Chocolate Cake…is soooooogooooood! You will find the recipe on her site. There are only a few ingredients. One note, I would use raw carob or raw cocoa powder. Her recipe doesn’t specify “raw” for those ingredients, but that is what I used and it was divine.

Remember that these recipes are for 1 or 2 people and raw food desserts are quite rich and fulfilling, so don’t be taken aback at the smallish size  😉

Here are a couple photos of my son. I gave him some of the cake “batter” and he made his own pancake-sized version. I think he is a raw food chef in the making…he put some almond crumbles on top and added some walnut shells “so the people know what’s in it, mom!”

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