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Farm Life
In response to a friend’s blog (Live, Love, Laugh, Hope) this morning, I am saying, “Take time for summer folks!” Yes, winter was long, long, long this year and over here in western Oregon we have scarcely seen the sun shine or the garden grow, but when God puts that blazing mass of yellow into a blue sky, we run outside and soak it in.

We soak it in literally with water gun fights and sprinkler jumping. 

We play with the animals. 

We kick up the dirt. 

We make muddy boots. 

We take off our shoes. 

We stop and smell the posies. 

We pull a few weeds. 

We eat radishes with dirt on ’em. 

We wonder why most of our 
garden is not growing. 

We go to the local farmer’s market and partake in someone else’s 
green thumb salad mix. 

We make and eat fruit ice cream (Simple Raw Health). 

We stop mowing the lawn and instead watch the horses munch it down. 

We soak it in. Summertime, sunshine & fun. We make sure to make time for gettin’ down on the farm! And as our local weather settles in for a not-so balmy, windy, long sleeve shirt & Wrangler-wearing, 60-something degree day, please take some summer time sunshine and go jump in a clear,  pristine north Idaho lake for me!
“This is the day that the Lord has made. 
Let us rejoice and be glad today!”
~Psalm 118:24

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