Tomatoes, Zucchini & Stuff

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raw food recipe, vegan recipe
Summertime garden bounties in August 
generally overflow with tomatoes and zucchini. 
My local CSA (farm share) has been 
loading me up with the red and green produce. 
Here are some meals I have made 
so far this week…

A neighbor was recovering after a stay in the hospital so I made a nutrient-dense vegan vegetable soup

~ Viola. Lunch or dinner in a jar.

For lunch yesterday I made a lovely raw/living foods summertime salad.

~ I chopped some large tomatoes into large chunks. 

~ And then did the same with a 10-inch long zuchinni. 

~ I rough-chopped some cooking celery (not to sure about the derivation of the name, but I eat it all raw…leaves and stem) leaves. 

~ I mixed this all together with a squirt of lemon juice and a sprinkle of hemp seeds for added protein. 

[please make sure your hemp seeds are grown in Canada, not China…the wondrously nutritious hemp seed is not allowed as a food crop in the USA, so it is imported…just be sure of your source]

And today for lunch I made some raw food “spaghetti” out of the familiar produce. 

~ Peel the zucchini and then use the peeler to shave off  your “noodles.” 
[Of course you can get fancy with a spiralizer gizmo that makes angel hair “noodles,” but for simplicity, I just keep up with the peeler.] 

~ Then I rough-chopped some tomatoes and onions. 

~ Add those to the food processor with some Italian herbs and pulse it to the thickness you desire. 

~ Scrape that out onto your living foods noodles and there you have it, living foods “spaghetti!”

Make good use of your organic summertime garden bounty
–nourish yourself, your family and your neighbors! 

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