Cones & Chard

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An ice cream cone for breakfast? You bet! I blended some frozen bananas and blueberries with a dash of chocolate hemp milk. Viola! Healthy fruit ice cream for breakfast. Of course the cones are organic and don’t contain any nasty stuff.

Prettier, healthier and more edible than a bouquet of posies!

Yesterday was the farm share pick-up excursion. As always, I came home with a cooler packed full of produce. En route from errands across the river back to my place in the country, we stopped off at a friend’s house. She gave us potatoes from her beautiful garden. And then she loaded us up with kale, gigantic rainbow chard, parsley, basil, cucumbers and love. All in all, we had our large cooler crammed full and three paper bags full of edibles.

Needless to say, I had a huge dilemna last night at about 8:30pm…no room in the fridge! None at all. I had been washing, sorting, and prepping produce since 6pm. After a quick call to a neighbor, my son and I took a full bag of goods up the road. 

I though the rainbow chard and basil were too lovely to stash in the fridge anyway, so I treated them like flowers and put them into vases. Well, in the case of the chard I used an old water filter pitcher as a vase! Look how lovely it looks today. Until someone else comes by to share produce with, my extras will grace the table.

When God blesses you with abundance, delight in it and then share it with others!

Health tip:
What you have in your fridge, 
you will soon have in your stomach!
Take the time and effort to fill your fridge, cupboards, and eventually your own self with nutrient-packed foods. You are what you eat. Choose to feed a living body with living foods today!

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