Good News, Great News!

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Defined, HisStory
Today while reading a friend’s blog, I took her “good news dare” seriously. So here you have it. Good news all over the place…

Good news:

– my son and took photos together yesterday in the splendid autumn glory

– we also visited with the neighbors

– we caught grasshoppers

– we pushed each other on the swings

– I slept with a roof over my head

– I have a husband, I have a son

– both of them love me

– I have other family

– I have friends

– I have food in the fridge on the cupboards

– I have a freezer full of food

– we have more than $10 (we are among the top 10% of the wealthiest people in the entire world)

– both our rigs are paid-off 

– we have 3 dogs, 4 horses, 5 chickens, 1 crazy cat

– we may have found someone who wants 3 of our 5 chickens

– my husband has a job

– I am able to homeschool my son without being tossed in jail 

– I can vote

– I do vote

– I live in a country built on Christian morals

– money is not everything to me

– I can read blogs and keep in touch with friends, former teachers, and even make new friends

– I can share my thoughts, feelings, and stories freely

– my son is smiling and his face is healed (except for that little scar under his nose)–his accident a month ago that landed us in the ER for 5 hours could have been a whole lot worse

Now, for the GREAT news:

– Jesus is the only way to God

– I know Him

– He lives in my heart

– my husband and son know Him too

– God made another day and brought me to it

– I have friends & family who pray for me when I ask

– and some pray for me even without my asking

– I am a daughter, a cherished daughter of Christ

– My Father God rejoices over me and has loved me always

– My Father’s Son died for me — so I can be free, free to be the woman He wants me to be

– I accept and I believe and I trust that above offered freedom

Some more really GREAT news:

– You, too, can be free

– and are loved by a Heavenly Father

– and are forgiven by Him

– can find restoration in Him

– and can find eternal Life in Him


Now, I dare you to give out, shout out, write out… some good news too!

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