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“Without knowing God 
and knowing who we are in Him, 
we will constantly take our faith 
on a roller-coaster ride. 

It will go up and it will go down. 

We’ll scream at the treacherous turns 
and close our eyes when we start speeding 
into a steep downward spiral. 

Trust doesn’t change God, 
but it will certainly change the ride.”

~ Kathy Troccoli in Hope for a Woman’s Heart

Trust doesn’t change God, but it will certainly change the ride.

Amazing statement.

So simple.

So true.

God doesn’t change. He doesn’t need to change. He is Perfect. He is Perfection.

We, on the other hand. Not so. We are in desperate need.

Some, of change.

All, of trust.

We are in desperate need of trust. 

Trusting the Lord. 

With the big stuff…like being separated from ones high school sweetheart-best friend-husband-father of son-head of the home-holder of my heart…

And with the small stuff…pulling firewood from a teetering stack, making dinner, swinging with son, smiling at a lost stranger in line at the grocery store, reading just the right passage of scripture to mend my self…

Lord, I seek you this day. 
With my whole self.
My whole heart.
Help me to trust.
To trust You.
In Your way.
With Your grace, lingering.
Let my ride this day be with You.
Trust doesn’t change You, 
But it will certainly change the ride.
And the “rider” 
Sitting beside You.


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