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Are you interested in family-friendly, God-honoring films but just cannot find anything suitable for your family’s movie night? We were constantly hitting the eject button as we watched DVDs, but that all changed last December. A home education group sent my family an email with a link to Franklin Springs Family Media. At the time they were running a Christmas special. So, with great expectations, I bought their movie 10-pack. 

Every film has been wonderful. Not only are we entertained while watching the films, we are educated and inspired. For example, included in our 10-pack DVD collection, are stories about an American hero, musically gifted Christian families, a look at agrarian lifestyles, an upright historical figure, and a father and son building project. 
Entertainment, education, and inspiration–all wrapped up in each story. Wow!

Do consider watching any of these films at FSFM. You certainly will get your money’s worth. If we want to continue seeing quality films of this  nature, we need to show our support. So, rent or buy a couple DVDs. You will be delighted!

What about this contest? We were first introduced to the West Ladies in Inherit the Land: Adventures on the Agrarian Journey and A Journey Home. Since their appearances in these two documentaries, the West Ladies have grown in popularity among those wishing to get back to a simpler way of life. Their recent projects have included Homestead Blessings DVDs that teach ordinary folks the arts of bread making, soap making, and candle making.  

Franklin Springs Family Media is sponsoring a contest centered around these talented women…

Below are contest details taken from their site:

Franklin Springs Family Media has just announced a fun and entertaining new contest.  Submit a video or photo slideshow of you with your family, or by yourself, making a recipe featured on one or more of the Homestead Blessings DVDs; The Art of Breadmaking, The Art of Soap Making, or The Art of Candle Making.  If you do not have the DVDs, they can be rented from, or ordered with free shipping from Franklin Springs ( Use free shipping promotion code: westcontest02354

A winner for each category will be selected from all entries received by the following deadlines:

The Art of Breadmaking—Deadline for submission: April 10th

The Art of Soap Making—Deadline for submission: April 17th

The Art of Candle Making—Deadline for submission: April 24th

A Best of Contest prize of $100 will also be awarded to the best submission judged by our panel.

Whether this will be your first time making one of these projects, or you are a seasoned professional, we would love to see you have fun and enjoy these good old-fashioned skills.

All video submissions should be no longer than 3 minutes.  Language and attire must be appropriate for our family audience.  Franklin Springs reserves the right to disqualify any submission from the contest.  By entering this contest, and unless requested otherwise, all entrants grant permission for their entry to be posted on the Friends of Franklin Springs Family Media website.

Three Ways to Enter

1. Send entry via email to

2. Upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, Google Video, or any other site and send us the link.

3.  Join the Contest Group at the Friends website ( and upload your video to your profile.

Please include your name and address, and be sure to tell us how you heard about the CONTEST.

(this is where you say you heard about it here at Aspire to Lead a Quiet Life)


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