Listening When He Speaks

Knowing God and following Him does not preclude a person from experiencing difficult or challenging situations, no that is definitely not the case. What this relationship with the Lord brings is the knowledge that when the storms come, He is there. He is always there. 

I find my strength and my solace and my comfort in Him. And it is knowing that when the wind smashes against the wall, there is Someone who hold my hand and never ever lets go.

Don’t you want that too?

Above is part of a letter that I recently sent to a dear friend. God put it on my heart to write this note. And in the midst of my own “storm,” it is a reminder of the Promise for me too.

Each time my best friend, husband, holder of my heart, father of our son leaves for the work week, my heart breaks. In half. How can it be whole when he takes part of it with him? How can it be whole when my five-year hugs his daddy’s pillow to his chest while tears stream down his face? How can it be whole?

When the howling winds swirl around the broken places and the rain batters right into the bleeding places, Who can help?

As soon as the taillights disappear around the corner, and I look once more to make sure he didn’t put it in reverse and come back, I start calling out for Help. I cannot do it on my own. My little boy cannot do it on his own. We need our Heavenly Father to fill the voids. To put up a protective fortress around our hearts. To heal the broken places. To fill us with His love. To give us His comfort.

When Jesus is in your heart and you are living for the King of Kings, you are a new person indeed. Storms won’t somehow be averted around you. The winds. The rain. The sleet. It will all come. It is just that now, we know that the Ultimate Rescuer hears and sees and feels and knows it. He is already by your side, He holds up His mighty hand, and He shields you from the storm.

He needs to be needed. He needs you to need Him.

Pain, loss, sorrow, sadness, misery, sin, unforgiveness, guilt, fear, anxiety–whatever your storm may be, turn to the One who can calm the calamities with a mere whispering thought. When that car drives away with half of your heart, when your tender warrior son holds his daddy’s pillow tight, when your own self is too small to withstand the whipping winds of life, holler out for The Rescuer. 

Sometimes we need to get caught up in a storm so we can see how small we are and how big God is. 

And He said to me, 

“My grace is sufficient for you, 

for My strength is made perfect 

in weakness.”

~ 2 Cor.12:9 (NKJV) 

With lurching sobs and a tear-stained face, I hollered. With a little boy kneeling beside me, we cried out together. Hours later, with a friend offering comfort and compassion, we three sobbed and prayed around the kitchen table in the darkness of the night. He heard. The storms are still tossing about, but my heart, my broken heart, has found a place of safety and solace.


2 thoughts on “Storms”

  1. I am so very thankful to have found your blog. You say things so much better than I ever could. Praying for your family,Tee

  2. Thank you for your kind words. By God’s grace alone am I able to make any sense of my heart. I covet your prayers. Prayers of a stranger in this world, but a sister in God’s family–what a divine blessing.

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