miss Rebecca

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Below is a page of a book. I marqueed a section of dialogue between miss Rebecca and her teacher. While near the seaside, the younger girl made notice of the “round and smooth and shining” pebbles. The teacher shared with the vibrant girl a wonderful lesson…

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

A classic no doubt. I just absorbed it’s literary beauty. As a grown woman I enjoyed this book, I am sure more than I would have as a youthful girl reading the richness sandwiched between its covers. 

Read it again, I will. With a pen in-hand to circle and mark all those wondrous statements. About life. About joy. About God. About family. About friends. About beauty. About love. About passion. About desire. 

About life.

If you are looking for a delightful diversion, dig out your old copy, buy a new one, check one out at the library… 
“But O! alas! we may not gain
The good for which we pray.
The quiet life may come to one
Who likes it rather gay.

Then if our lot be bright or sad,
Be full of smiles, or tears,
The thought that God has planned it so
Should help us bear the years.”
~ Kate Douglas Wiggins in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

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