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Thinking to thanking!

Yesterday I wrote of all that thinkin’ I do around here…

Part way through the day I made a call to a neighbor as we hadn’t visited in several days. She said she would “trundle” down soon, if that was okay. My son and I scurried around putting away odds and ends and cleaning the lunch mess. Soon she was on my doorstep. Then at my dining room table. We chatted about this and that. A very welcomed visit that brought me companionship and comfort.

Then another friend showed up. Now we do not live in a locale where one would just happen to be in the neighborhood or where one would just happen to drive-by, nope, we are the destination. One has to possess purposeful intent to visit if coming to this little ranchola. As the three of us sat around the table, my son sat in our midst working on some  home school activities. Soon he was away from the table and boy-ing around the house.

Our conversation went from catching up on shared acquaintances (seems the one’s daughter and the other one were friends from days gone by) to dog stories to wounded children woes (physical and spiritual hurts) to personal neurosis to prophetic political agendas to Salvation to Hope. What a joy and honor and privilege that God placed these women in my life! What a gift! 

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye. Not once did we lack for something to say. Indeed, to the contrary. If our words and thoughts could have been put to music and been scripted into a dance, I am sure a beautiful, energetic, Spirit-filled waltz would have been witnessed.

He knows when I need comfort. 
He knows when I need reassurance. 
He knows when I need a hug. 
He knows when I need someone to pray with. 
And to cry with. 
He knows when I need a laugh. 
He knows when I need motherly & sisterly comradeship. 
He knows. 
He knows.

Ladies, you bless me. We come from three different backgrounds. We have lived three different lives full of unique and individual events. We each have our own story of Salvation. We possess beauty and talent in our own rights. The Light of you shines so bright in this dark world. Your illumination guides me.

Each of us is a different color of thread.
Somehow we are intertwined.
Together, we are a beautiful tapestry.
A unique piece of fabric,
Stitched together by His hands.

“The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. 
I have no wealth to bestow on him. 
If he knows that I am happy in loving him, 
he will want no other reward. 
Is not friendship divine in this?”
~ Henry David Thoreau

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