My Fellas


Three Fridays per month we urge the day to march quickly onward with our eager anticipation of Daddy’s return home. What a blessing it was that this much-awaited heart balm happened a day early this week. Daddy was home for an extended weekend. 

I was taking photo snip-its of God’s beauty Thursday evening. Honestly, I was trying to pass the time while we waited. I pushed the button. The shutter did its thing. Photos were saved inside the guts of my camera. Oh I snagged some beauties. 

Gravel crunching under tires. I was the first to hear it. Even before the old-lady dogs. And the pup. I hollered at Farm Boy and told him “someone is driving toward our place!” He jumped outta the trees where he was playing and ran to meet his Daddy. It was shear joy. Shear happiness. I just stood there pushing the button. What else could I do? Run up the road and hop in too? Oh, I wanted to, but it was Farm Boy’s turn to have his Daddy’s undivided attention.

All weekend I watched those two together. When Daddy didn’t even know it, Farm Boy was staring at him. And copying him. Oh, to be the center of someone’s world. And heart.

And I saw Daddy watching Farm Boy too. Drinking in his cuteness. His kindness.  His silliness. His love. 
Thank you Lord for a truly wonderful weekend with both of my fellas. You have blessed me with so much. So much love. Lord, you know it before I say it, pray it, cry it… I yearn for our family to be together. But, I trust in You. You will sell this little ranchola. In Your time. Father, please fill those empty places in our hearts while we are apart. Fill us with You. Fill us with Hope. And Trust. 
And Your Always-n-Forever Love.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

4 thoughts on “My Fellas”

  1. I read this at work today, and had tears falling down my face for you guys. I am praying God brings a buyer soon so you can all be together again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The photos and your comments bring tears to my eyes…I feel for you and your family. I will pray for a miracle for the house to sell. Debbie Huntington

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