Snickerdudel’s Birthday Continued

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Farm Life
He is like a toddler on steroids…

race-horse-wannabe in autumn sun

winter hair-do — gotta love his spiky mane highlights!

very cold spring morning eating with his mamma (notice her curly coat)

* little side note

Our mare is a Curly. She is covered with curls in the cold-weather months and has a very unique “dread lock” mane and very bushy tail. The Curly breed is special because they are hypo-allergenic with their curly hair (like a poodle). Like any breed, there are of course variations. Ours get a smooth coat in the warm months (see blog header photo), but curl back up for the cold. In general the Curly horse is a gentle, calm creature.

Since this Simple Country Girl has been highly allergic to horses since her diaper days, finding horses that don’t put me into anaphylactic shock has been a huge blessing! And a relief to my system. Just because you find a Curly horse doesn’t mean an allergic person will not react. One must undergo individual testing with each horse to find one (or two or three!) that suites them.


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