Ink of Eternity

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“With the indelible ink of eternity 
there has been inscribed 
upon the page of this eternal sheet of time 
either something of value, 
or only what is vain.” 
~ W. Phllip Keller Sea Edge — as quoted in The Beauty of God’s Blessings: 365 Days of Inspiration for Women; p. 140; reading for May 3

What are you writing on your page this day? The page given to you by God. Will you fill it with chatter, clatter, noise and toys? 

Does the ink of your pen write for eternity?  It doesn’t matter if your personal font is swirls and twirls or  straight-laced and slow-paced. Will you write something the page of your day that tells of a better way?

How do you view that crisp, white paper anew? At the end of each day, that day is done. One sun rose and one sun set. Will you tell of another Son that rose?

Do you write only straight and on every other line? It is your paper, what do you do? Are you the type who yearns for another sheet as this one is filled rim to rim with scribbles in the margins, colorful hi-light brightening key words, circles pointing to profound phrases, with all errors and arrows pointing to a central theme?

By the end of the day, this is what I would like to say…

Oh Lord, look, my page is filled. See how the edges are tattered and worn? Yep, I took it with me, even in the storm. I crumbled it and stuck in my pocket when the rains came down. I found some shelter in Your arms and grabbed my pen. I wrote with common ink. And without fancy frills. And see those creases, the ones I tried to smooth out? My 5-year old found my page and made himself an airplane. The things he does at his goofy age. I would say “sorry” but I know Your Kingdom is filled with those like him. He wanted to take my words and toss them about. At first I said “no.” But then I realized without a doubt, he knows how to share Your paper. Fold it. Fling it high. Toss it into the sky. See where it lands. And hopefully it is in the hands of another who needs You. Someone who needs to read about You and learn of grace and mercy and hope. All so they can love You too. So, Father, just like when I was in school, I filled it up, with all I knew. Some of it may be wrong, most of it though, I hope is right. My name is written along the top so You know. Oops some ink blobs smeared across it because the pen I used today was one I found at the bottom of my purse. You see, oh yes, You see. All I really want each day…is for others to see You living in me.

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