Are You Listening?

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Poetry, Prayer

“…but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
~ Philippians 3:13 (NKJV)

“O God within me, give me grace today to recognize the stirrings of Thy Spirit within my soul and to listen most attentively to all that Thou hast to say to meLet not the noises of the world ever so confuse me that I cannot hear Thee speakSuffer me never to deceive myself as to the meaning of Thy commands; and so let me in all things obey Thy will, 
through the grace of Jesus Christ my Lord.”
~ an excerpt from A Diary of Private Prayer: A Devotional Classic by John Baillie; 
p. 73, Seventeenth Day, Morning

How often do you take the time to marvel at God and how He speaks to you? Leads you? Shows you the way? Friends can attest that I have indeed said these words aloud, “If God would just send me an email or even a telegram, then I would be certain to know just what He wants of me.” Oh, forgive me Lord for spilling such thoughtless words from my mouth.

We hear Him only when we listen.
We know His desires only when we obey.
We see the path only when we follow.

Today the Lord is speaking to me in a way that I can hear. More likely, it is one of those glorious days when I am really listening to Him. How do you hear Him? Is it a still, small voice? Is it a page from your daily flip calendar? Is it a radio sermon where you caught the last five minutes? Is it the first or the last or the entire passage of your scripture-reading as dawn creaks open her door? Is it a prayer from a tiny, power-packed knee-bending book that you read morning and night? Is it a friend’s phone call, email or blog?

My God-breathed lesson today, one I pray sticks with me long and true…
Come tomorrow,
today will be history.
What will I do today
to make it part of His Story?

Will I let go of the past, I mean really release my white-knuckled grasp, so that I can be the woman, the wife, the mother, the daughter, the sister, the friend, even the stranger, that God intends me to be? Or will I hold my sins, my regrets, my Forgiven and Forgotten junk, so tight in my sweaty palm and refuse The Healing Balm? 

If I firmly hold something old so tight, I likely will miss the the opportunity to grab onto all that today and tomorrow have to offer. I want to uncurl my fingers and drop the squeezed stuff into His hand. Once I obey, God will give me something new, something better to hold.

My son, 
standing next to his grandma, 
holding beauty from Above in his little hand.

~ photo credit: 
Phyl Butcher of Alderhaven Photography, Oregon

Father God, thank you for Your continued mercies that are new every morning! Indeed You have given me oh, so much. And the things that nearly burst my heart from thankfulness are not the things that my eyes can see. So, this day as I step out into the world, please let Your Love and Light shine bright for all to see. Give me strength and willingness to see myself as You see me, and know me, and love me. Infuse me with You, rather than the junk of the world, or even the junk of my own making. Lord, help me as I reach for You and set others in my road that I can bring along on this wondrous journey. 

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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