bleeding & broken

Farm Life, Poetry

Friday evening I snapped some photos. Lovely gifts from God, growing right here for my visual feasting. Little did I know that the heart-shaped fern fronds ready to unfurl themselves and the wild bleeding hearts huddled together and thriving in the shade, both would represent my heart by weekend’s end.

I didn’t know. God knew.

bleeding heart
broken heart

in the wound
i find the salve
the healing balm

during my loss
i remember the presence,
for i could not have one
without the other

her presence
was a present
and even though she is gone,
her gift to me remains

in my bleeding heart
in my broken heart

i wonder
how God willingly
gave His Son
for times
like this

when i am bleeding
and broken

and knocked to my knees
first in pain & agony,
then in prayer

to ease the bleeding
and the broken

i am thankful
to Him
for the

for my bleeding heart
for my broken heart

“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him,
 and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a food of himself, too.”
~ Samuel Butler

“Whosoever loveth me
loveth my hound.”
~ Sir Thomas More


3 thoughts on “bleeding & broken”

  1. Oh, how they do become our hearts, our furry friends! Such a beautiful tribute. I am sorry for the pain these beautiful flowers embody. Praying…I have to say…the poem you left me made me smile 🙂 Don’t we all know her beckoning? I have entered you in the drawing, which will take place Friday afternoon.Thank you for blessing me with this place of beauty. Your photos are simply love.:)Laura

  2. Oh…I’m so sorry. I’ve said goodbye to more than my share of furry heart-friends in my time. Hugging you across the miles.XO Melinda

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