Memorial Day

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One Nation Under God

Any nation that does not honor its heroes 

will not long endure.”

– Abraham Lincoln

A nation which does not remember 

what it was yesterday 

does not know what it is today, 

nor what it is trying to do.”

– Woodrow Wilson

There comes a time in the affairs of men when they must prepare to defend, 

not their homes alone, 

but the tenets of faith and humanity on which their churches, 

their governments, 

and their very civilization are founded.”

– Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Memorial Day, to many it is merely a welcome three-day weekend to kick-start summer, while for others it is so much more. It is a day of remembering. And thanking. And longing. And missing. And praying. And appreciating.

Roosevelt’s quote is truly amazing and ever so applicable during these trying times. We must prepare to defend. And then we must defend. For most of us, it’s not with weapons like those of our military men and women, but with barely used weapons we tote around every single day. Pull them out, dust them off, sharpen them, and wield them–like a child playing swords.

Prayer. Love. Kindness. Compassion. Truth. Integrity. Honor. Strength. His Salvation. His grace. His righteousness. For it is not a battle between visible combatants. Ultimately, as Christian Soldiers, we know what our Leader wants and demands. Are we following His orders? Are we battling for Him?

On this Memorial Day, do take some time to do your part. Thank the family of the service men and women who paid the ultimate price. Thanks those who serve today to keep your tomorrows safe & free. Thank God for all that you have. And ask Him to lead you along His path, a path paved with dedication to His service. His battle.

~ above quotes taken from The Teaching Home Newsletter from today’s email inbox 


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