Eleven Gifts

1000 Gifts, Poetry

What you give,
to me,
O Lord,
let me fully see.
And breathe
into my soul
with a gentle whisper
and a loving plea.
Some came by snail mail today:

9. two poetry books that I recently won –kindness & thoughtfulness were tucked in the envelope too
10. four copies of “A Diary of a Private Prayer” by John Baillie –to gift others this summer (weddings, friendships)
11. one copy of “Stone Crossings” by L.L. Barkat –to readingly (new word!) devour all by myself and then share the morsels, the crumbs, even the meal
12. bank account statement –means we have enough money to count

And a couple came by electronic mail too:

13. wonderful notes of encouragement & rejoicing –from a traveling friend
14. a touching letter filled with Grace-sharing & love & tears –from a new friend

More are sitting in my living room:

15. a boy, reading on his own
16. a couch –with room for mom and son to read together
17. windows to open and smell the sweet, summer rain

Even other gifts are thumping around in my heart:

18. love for all my Sisters in Christ –those known & unknown
19. thankfulness for acceptance 
20. more than enough grace to share with another –and another


3 thoughts on “Eleven Gifts”

  1. Came by to say how tickled I was by your comment at Seedlings. Sweet unintended humor from your boy. And fun amusement from mom too. :)Then, too, I see this unexpected note in your post about you receiving my book. I hope it blesses.

  2. Oh, yay! I'm glad to know the package is in! Sounds like you had some pretty awesome blessings this day. Taking inventory…

  3. -L.L. Barkat, after bumping into you at Ann's and Laura's, I ordered your book. I look forward to the read. And the grace.- Laura, yes our once-weekly trip to the post office was a wonderful journey today. Many books with pages filled with beauty reflective of God. BTW, my son loves "his" book too. Thank you!

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