15 More Gifts

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1000 Gifts, Poetry


more gifts given by God.

Filtered through His fingers.
Not only touching our hearts 
but nesting there.

21. an eager son making breakfast cookies with me

22. enough wholesome ingredients to bake said cookies

23. weekend rain

24. weekend garden chores

25. husband home for the weekend

26. hugs & kisses-given

27. hugs & kisses-accepted

28. couch-time with whole family

29. mechanic-abilities of hubby to fix my rig

30. tears of sadness as hubby left, yet again—it means we love each other a lot!

31. God’s ever-listening & ever-patient love—as we cry out in prayer

32. family prayer time huddled together in kitchen, hands clasped tight while tears silently stream down faces—it means we love God the most & await His divine directions in our lives

33. painful yearning for our family to be together under one roof

34. trials of being separated while our source of income and residence are in two different states—yes, it too is a gift

35. strength from God to meet each day (and night)


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