Father’s Day

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I grew up without an earthly father and not knowing my Heavenly Father. I thank God for His grace in seeing fit to bring me into His family six years ago though! Boy, do I ever thank Him. So, when this day, dedicated to dads, stops for a Sunday visit in mid-June, I marvel at my husband. I treasure the time he and our son spend together. 

Laughing. Playing. Praying. Learning. Loving. Working. Trusting. And following the Lord, our Ultimate Father.

When our son was a baby, I was the center of his little world, as he was the center of my much-awaited womb, yearning heart, and empty baby-holding arms. All too soon, his ever-growing legs gave way to walking. Walking led to following. Then I lost him, my baby. 

At least I’ve always known just where to find him. 

Close on the heals and right in the center of his daddy’s heart.
 Just where God intends little boys to be…

Laughing. Playing. 
Praying. Learning. 


And following the Lord.

“Pour out your heart like water
before the face of the Lord.
Lift your hands toward Him
for the life of your young children.”
~ Lamentations 2:19

Thank you to all the men in my life who have ever served in the role of “dad” to me, 
especially those that have filled a huge void during these last six months. 

I appreciate, value, respect, and love you all…

~ neighbor helping feed horses when I was too ill; reading McManus stories aloud around the picnic table; being patient with my lack of technology in photography; making me laugh

~ church friend plowing my garden plot; chopping me a bundle of cedar kindling; weekly call checking on me; crafting me divine wooden treasures; enveloping me in hugs

~ father-in-law working, playing, and laughing alongside me; agreeing & disagreeing with me; teasing me, and loving me


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