17 More Gifts

1000 Gifts, Farm Life

36. these hands, 
holding not only giant strawberries, 
but also my heart…home for a long weekend

37. same man, 
going on a 2-hour-mamma’s-not-allowed hike, 
with the little man

38. my fellas having a great time in the woods

39. 50 pounds of strawberries, processed and in freezer

40. ability to buy and transport said berries

41. neighbor who rode along to pick-up berries and share friendship

42. a grandma’s weekend visit

43. hearing her read aloud to her grandson

44. sunshine making an appearance today!

45. family horseback ride yesterday

46. hubby maneuvering a green horse (and its novice rider) out of a few branch-filled, fear-tainted situations

47. countryside view opened up at the end of the Oregon deep woods trail (we could see the strawberry farm & beyond!)

48. this Simple Country Girl has a need for speed atop a galloping steed–she got it–yeehaw!

49. those big ole hands shown above, held my hands many times in prayer

50. — hands also shared popcorn 

51. — hands also tickled his son (and his wife)

52. — hands held my hands & touched my face many times in love

Father God,
 hear me say,
What amazing gifts You give to me 
and my precious family!
Thank you Lord for all 
the wondrous gifts of this weekend, 
those I recognized 
and those only You recognized. 
Time together with my family intact 
is precious 


2 thoughts on “17 More Gifts”

  1. Hands are so very symbolic. You have captured some of their fragile strength in this post.

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