I Do Not Have


Random Acts of Poetry (RAP). I reckon this is where the “random” part of it takes form. Usually when I read the prompt, I sit, I type. I don’t generally think, at least not too much. Really, I rely on God’s prodding and gentle tap-tap-tapping of the keyboard to create some semblance of a poem for the RAP sponsored by High Calling Blogs. Today I scurried around the world of cybernet at L.L. Barkat’s blog to find the prompt, but to no avail. Fortunately, I did trip on it over at High Calling though…

Here is the prompt:
describe a person, place or thing in terms of what he or she or it is not  

Here is the poem:

I do not have

a painted concrete floor

busy with metal clanky wheels

rolling, sometimes squeaking

and always pulling to the side


I do not have

countless stacked shelves

crowded with noiseless noisy items

yelling, yet sometimes faintly whispering

and always jumping into the cart


I do not have

a row of beeping machines

opening with finger taps on numbered keys

stacking, although sometimes just sliding

and always in exchange for brightly boxed foodstuff


I do not have

armies of pushy persons

selecting with strained pocketbooks

buying, yet sometimes purchasing nothing

and always leaving their money at the cash register


I do not have shopping carts

I do not have boxed food

I do not have cash registers

I do not have pushy persons








See what happens when I think? At least I stretched my literary muscles to the point of pain. I made up my own form. I wrote my own rules. I followed my own pattern. One should do that every now and then. I guess. Maybe not. At least a photo is worth a thousand words…


5 thoughts on “I Do Not Have”

  1. Isn't that what works us, the way we work the soil… we turn ourselves, our conventions, our comfort-zones over and ready for something new. I'm so glad you took a little hoe to your poetry. 🙂

  2. bittersweet memories of rototillers and string beans.long for it now with postage stamp plotyou made me smile

  3. What you have seems much more relaxing and peaceful and the way you presented GARDEN was so soft and slow it made me smile.

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