wild daisy


wild daisy.

grew in grass
plucked by
dirty 5-year old
boy hands,
with unabashed love

wild daisy.
now drinks 
in window,
reminds me
of His grace-filled love

wild daisy.

to drink His Life-giving water

* This is a poem I wrote in June. 
As I read the RAP (Random Acts of Poetry)
prompt from L.L. Barkat for this week of July 10, 
I recalled one I already penned that more or less matches…

1. find an object and name it 
2. describe what it looks like 
3. ask it to bring you a quality it possesses 


2 thoughts on “wild daisy”

  1. Everything about this poem was cute and sweet – may we all be plucked and placed within "His Life-giving water"

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