A Story, Prayer

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Fifteen years ago my legs wanted to run down that aisle to you, instead I walked, arm in arm with my mamma. Our cowboy boots stepping, one, two, one, two in unison. Under the heat of the summer sun, next to the lake of our youth, surrounded by pine trees and people we love, we gave our independence to one another.

Although we knew God existed, He didn’t live in our hearts and guide our lives like He does today. He held us together when we were frayed from the edges to our cores. Before we knew him as Father God, he held us. I praise Him over and over that we came to Him simultaneously so that our son was born into a godly home with a mom and dad who learned from the children’s bible stories each day.

Now, I am here. You are there, in that job God opened for you, as provider for our family. Yesterday my heart broke as I listed our home with yet another realtor. At first it broke to think of leaving here, our memories, our hard work, our orchard, our vines, our neighbors, our baptizing church, our adopted family, our friends, our brothers & sisters in Christ. But then I thought upon you. And us. Home is where we are. Together. With God in our midst. And our mist.

On this anniversary day, I asked for not a gift. Not a card. Not a thing. How could I want. How could I receive anything wrapped or topped with a bow? When the only thing I want is to feel your arms around me. Your kiss upon my head. Your hand enclosed over mine. Your prayers whispered over my soul.

A diamond. A flower. A book. A bauble. It is junk compared to you. You are my treasure. You are my man. You are my gift from the Lord.

Praying for this fine place at the end of the dirt road to sell. To sell soon. So we can be together. Again. Holding hands. Holding hearts.

Baby, I love you more and more each day. How can God keep expanding my heart?

From our wedding invitation many moons ago…

“Our friendship brought us together
and our love will unite us forever.”

How little did we know back then that it is His love that will unite us forever?!

Praise God for all of it!

Lord, all we want is for Your will to be done. Thank you for the strength and mercy and grace for meeting each challenge. Thank you for challenges as they have brought us closer to one another and to You. You already know how much I love that man of my youth, but let me tell You again. Thank You for him! Thank you for our son–the one who brought us to You. Thank you for Your Son–the One who saved us. Lord, if it is Your will, sell this house, sell our home. Bring us together in Your way and in Your time. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


4 thoughts on “Anniversary”

  1. Darlene your heart is smudged and smeared, in the best of ways, across every tyed ink blotch on this page. You may have married a diamond but he sure found himself a jewel, a priceless one. I thought of you yesterday morning and I prayed for you. I will now pray more purposefully for the family to be united soon and for God's will to prevail always. Much love in Him,CPS- The photo header is wow. A treasure to be displayed…

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