Mellow Yellow

Farm Life, Poetry



What do you think of?

It is the stuff of tomato buds, sunflowers, zucchini blossoms, bees, canaries, kids’ rubber boots, school buses, clown shoes, itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-poka-dot bikinis, Mello Yellow soda, and my adopted grandma. No, she isn’t yellow, but her presence was. And still is.

Some twenty-odd years ago, I was best friends with her flesh-n-blood granddaugter. I spent many a morning rubbing the hard-earned, barely-there sleep from my teenage eyes in her kitchen. We were risin’ and shinin’ when she beckoned, for she had no mercy for teenagers who whispered and giggled into the wee hours.

Coffee, talk, and girls in the kitchen.

Yellow in the kitchen.

Streaks of yellow may have sliced through the windows and shone upon the countertops, but it is her timeless, faith-filled love that continues to dance golden in her eyes with a sheen that permeates my soul.

What Yellow Means to Me…


Yellow. Bright. Cheery. Kitchen.

Coffee. Dark. Hot. Kick-start.

Grandma. Leading. Loving. Guiding.

Sitting, bleary-eyed from a late night.
Sipping, hot brew in a stained cup.
Being loved, in her early morning sunlight.

5 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow”

  1. your "country girl" mention drew me in. your descriptiveness throughout made pictures form with vividness in my mind. Thanks for sharing sweet memories which shaped your life.

  2. it is refreshingto hear your memories of this grandma, and all the memories that yellow brings to mind.

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