True Integrity

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Listening When He Speaks, Prayer

Lord, when this country seems to be fleeing from You, give me courage to stand tall in Your grace. With my words. My actions. My deeds.

Lord, when my tongue gets quick and sharp and pierces the ears and hearts of those I love, be even quicker and softer to heal the wounds. Theirs. And mine.

Lord, when I want to be selfish with my very own self and my very own stuff, direct my heart with Your Truth–all I am and I have is from You. Help me to use it for Your Kingdom.

Lord, let my integrity be a reflection of You and Your Truth.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

“True integrity
implies you do what is right
when no one is looking
or when everyone is compensating.”

~ The Grace of Encouragement daily flip calendar by Charles Swindoll;
Sept 5–from Rise and Shine

*photo: squirrel statue holding an acorn, peeking out of the bushes at my mom’s


One thought on “True Integrity”

  1. Have you ever read, "Always Wear Clean Underwear"? One of the first points this cute book makes is this one! My boys loved it when they were younger, and I think of it often. It always got our attention. Sending love,laura

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