Airplanes & Praise

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Do you notice things like this?

An airplane likely was en route from Seattle to Portland. Flying southbound over our rural Oregon setting.

Why did it change course and head west, toward the coast?

Across our skies we often see the north-south and south-north air traffic. Sometimes the actual giant metal birds. Most other times, airplane clouds trailing out a sky path.

Only one other time did I see an apparent change in flight pattern like this…soon after 9/11.

What was happening?
Who ordered this diversion?
Where were they headed now?
How come they veered off-course?

I betcha God wonders the very same about His children. Probably more often than He would like.

Lord, in the midst of turbulence and uncertainty, give me the strength to hold tight to You. Help me not get so distracted that I lose my way. Help me to focus on what You want. Help the desires of my heart to be in perfect line with Your desires for my heart. Help me to stay on-course. Your course. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Praise story:

Just wanted to take a minute to share some good news…

As you recall, last November we were faced with the prospect of a job loss due to major cuts at my husband’s mill. In December he accepted an offer at another pulp & paper mill as the Environmental Manager. Before we knew it, hubby’s car was loaded and he left for his new job. I stayed behind with our little man, the animals and our home. Trials, challenges, and battles were waged along the way. It has been a rough journey, but one in which God continued to provide for our every need. Through it all, we have prayed for God’s will to be done and for “just the right person at the right time to buy our home.”

Praise God, we have finished the contract negotiations for the sale of our home and are awaiting an appraisal, water test, and final closing. It has all happened so quick–last Wednesday we had two parties look and one make an offer.

After nine long months of waiting for someone to buy our home, this weekend it looked as if we were about to be homeless with a barnyard of animals. How could we possibly tie up loose ends here, find a rental, arrange a move, and get out in three weeks time?! After spending many weekend hours online searching for country rentals and on the phone talking with possible landlords, the outlook was very dim. Then Sunday morning, doors closed and doors opened. Many phone calls ended in disappointment, but one did not. A gal with a rental home in the country was also praying for the “right” tenants just as we were praying for the “right” place.

It looks like we will be out of here in about 3 weeks, Lord willing.

Thank you for all the prayers, support, and encouragement over the last nine months while we have gone through this challenging time. We are ever so grateful. Please continue to pray for all the closing stuff to go smooth, along with the actual move and the transportation of our motley crew of barnyard animals.

Of course I am trying to put my emotions in a holding pattern right now. I love it here. I really, really do. Blood, sweat, and tears have soaked the ground. We came to know the Lord here. Our son was born here. Neighbors have become family. We have lived in this general community since graduating college eleven years ago. And we have lived at this ‘lil ranchola for eight years.

For two people who always yearned to live on the same land and tend to a harvest, the same as our grandparents, we have always felt a little out of place. We always wanted those long, sunk deep into the dirt roots. We yearn for that know-how, tenacity, and land to have been passed down through the generations. Once I told a friend that perhaps I was born in the wrong decade. I can picture myself in a print apron, in an old white farm house, with my husband plowing the field, kids clamoring about, chickens pecking the dirt, living off the land, bartering with friends & neighbors for goods & services, cleaning up for Sunday service–after having danced, toe-tapped, and listened to fiddles, guitars and banjos Saturday night at the grange hall… She said, “No, I don’t think so. You were born in the right one. Perhaps you are meant to show others and extend to them what you value–by how you live. By who you are. Be what you yearn for in a community.”

Of course God didn’t put me in the wrong setting. She was right.

We have been blessed beyond measure with this country neighborhood. They have shown me what I was missing. They have become my community. And they have taught me so much. About their generations. About their values. And about me.

I love walking up the road with a jar of jam, knocking on the door and finding my neighbors, my friends inside. I love that they love my son like grandparents. I love that I can cry with them. And laugh with them. I love that I can ask them homesteading questions and they always have the answers. I love that we all love the Lord. I love the Sunday morn when we our spirits touch as we join hearts and bowed heads together in home church. I love that we share comfort, strength, firewood, sweat, laughs, tears, stories, care, compassion, blueberries, plums, eggs, home-cooked meals, jars of soup, bags of produce, boxes of books, and oodles of love.

So much for putting emotions on the back burner…

My friends

are my estate.

~ Emily Dickinson

P. – How could you be my neighbor, my dearest friend, like a mom and a sister, all rolled into one? Now, you stop that crying. I love you with my whole heart.

N. – I always know you are there. Close by. In an emergency. Or to play & read & laugh & share.

J. & J. – You are the grandparents I have missed. And loved. Your wisdom, kindness, and laughs grace me.


5 thoughts on “Airplanes & Praise”

  1. I'm saying YIPPEE on the one hand and I SO UNDERSTAND on the other. But sweet friend, God is GOOD and your family needs to be together. You'll survive the emotions, and the memories will be the springboard for the life you'll build in your new city.Believing great things for your family from a GREAT God!Hugs,Melinda

  2. This was very moving. And for what it's worth, I am blessed by much of what you describe here in our suburban neighbourhood.And I know that it is rare, but that by great undeserved grace it saved me many times.I believe you will find new beauty, and it will find you.

  3. This one has me blubbering. It's a blessing, I know…but I know how hard it is to leave friends. They will pray you through it, you know. And you have an exciting new beginning. The story keeps going…

  4. Congratulations on the contract signing, though I know how hard it must be to leave friends. Thankfully, it's a lot easier to keep in touch over long distances now. Prayers that you'll find many more blessings.

  5. 🙂 I often feel a bit misplaced myself in this crazy, fast-paced time. But then I just head back to the kitchen and bake, can or create something. While my neighbors may think I'm odd, they enjoy the fruits of my labor! I do think we can show a different way and maybe help a few others to slow down as well.

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