Autumn Dance

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Oh great, a big crowd.

Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Oops, sorry.

There she is.
Does she see me?

Umm, ma’am,
would you like a dance?

She responds with a curious look and an upraised, wrinkled brow.

I mean, would you please dance with me?

She casts a shy glance through lowered lids.
And reaches for his outstretched hand.

Why, yes. I would be delighted.

And dip.
Now twirl.
And dip again.

With a hat tip–
Thank you, ma’am.

With a curtsy–
It was my pleasure, kind sir.

clinging to tendrils of my imagination
and stirred by breezes down the dry canyon,
love indeed floats on wisps
of crisp, autumn air

Each Monday, miss Ann over at Holy Experience gathers His love stories from far and wide.
Kindly she opens her front porch and gives us room
to share of His wondrous blessings.
We try to count but cannot,
as they number like stars
in the wide open sky…

I have been away from this place far too long.
Still, His showers drop like Love rain
from above.

Thank you for this opportunity
and place to grow
my gratitude.

holy experience


12 thoughts on “Autumn Dance”

  1. You are amazing!!The words, photos, and the intention. A delight, and an inspiration. And good to "hear" you like this.

  2. I LOVED THIS analogy! So very creative and thoughtful!Thanks for sharing!Hugs,TraciCome check out my gratitude list when you have a chance 🙂

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